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Pizza hut unveils Pizzaza hut, named after zaza, a high-grade strain of weed. For a limited time only, no topping is off the table.

The new pizza box starts smoking when you open it.

In research, we found smokers are opting for CBD strains for a high with low anxiety. Pizza Hut caters to this with additional CB-dips.

OOH inspired by 90s skate culture would be placed in back alleyways, around drug pick-ups and as sticker in skate parks. Except for one giant billboard at Bristol airport arrivals.

YouTube pre-roll's are placed in front of internet deep dive videos in the early hours and branded rolling papers are handed out at live gigs.

Delivery drivers are deemed dealers for the 20th of April and select Pizza Hut restaurants will reply with a new script when someone mentions the word 'munchies' over the phone.

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